Magic Melon Mac – One Ounce


THC level: 15%-25%.

Strain: 60% Sativa/40% Indica (Sativa-Hybrid).

Reported flavors: Fruity, Tropical Mango.

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Magic Melon is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain (60% sativa/40% indica) created through crossing the infamous Mango Trees X Honeydew Melon X Mango Sherbet strains.

On a Magic Melon high (which hovers around 20% THC), users find themselves brought sweetly, almost forcibly, to a more even and elevated mood. As it burns, Magic Melon releases a blast of fruit with hints of fuel. You’ll be ascending higher and higher as you smell it, becoming energized and cognizant. Users love Magic Melon for giggling and socializing with friends or relaxing outside and burning off some of the high.

After that burst of energy, Magic Melon helps you come down to a state of full-bodied tranquility, favoring a positive mood that can help you release tense thoughts that you’ve been obsessing over. This makes Magic Melon a great strain for those feeling down, who want to be pushed into a state of the giggles as an excuse to relax with friends and smoke and laugh a while. If you have chronically high stress or fatigue, you can use a Magic Melon boost on an average afternoon to get a better outlook on things.

If you have migraines, headaches, glaucoma, or high eye pressure, Magic Melon can calm those systems down and give your bursting head a break. Heavy, minty nugs give off a fruity sensation to prepare you for the euphoria that awaits on a Magic Melon high, which is a tropical mango smoothie of good feelings that can calm down a troubled mind and bring the giggles out of your weary head.


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