About us


Fresh from farm

WhiteRabbitBud owns and operates several farms across British Columbia. We breed a variety of strains delivery straight to our customers.

unbeatable prices

We are the one and only online dispensary that ships straight from our farm to our customers, no middle man! This ensures our customer gets the best price possible.

new products updated monthly

We have new products being harvested all the time. Every month we would restock on the newest harvest for our customers to enjoy.

fast & reliable next day delivery

Place your order before 10PM and receive your order on the very next day within Greater Vancouver Area. We have a long-term solid relationship with a third party logistic company to ensure our customers receive products within the shortest time and at the cheapest rate.

frequently asked questions

If your online bank shows that an e-transfer has been sent, and you’ve sent it to the correct email address: see receipt, be assured it will arrive to our inbox and be processed in the queue once received. Once you initiate e-transfer, funds are immediately withdrawn from your account and placed into a holding account by the bank until funds are deposited by us. You will receive email from Interac or your bank to advise that we have accepted your e-transfer. All e-transfers received by our inbox before 10:00 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time),will be accepted, order processed and shipped the next day. Make sure to include your order number when you send an e-transfer.

Registering an account with us is simple. Please go to the following link to enter all your billing details, your email address, and password of your choosing. Create account From your account dashboard you can view your recent orders, manage your shipping and billing addresses and edit your password and account details.

To ensure your order gets processed quickly and without any problems, we ask that you carefully follow our payment instructions. Each bank e-transfer process is a little different, so these instructions are a general guide that we ask you follow: 1. Log in to your financial institution’s online or mobile banking and navigate to Interac e-Transfer Send Money. 2. Select the account you would like funds transferred from. 3. Add recipient details. **IMPORTANT** For the e-transfer recipient NAME field, enter your order# (example BL134568 – (letters and digits) ) AND the name of actual customer that the package is being delivered to. So the recipient field should look something like BL 34568 John Smith, figuring the person the package is going to is named John Smith. We often have friends or family making payment on behalf of the person ordering; following our instructions properly helps us to avoid any issues with payments getting applied to the correct order. *Important – Do not put any product or order related information anywhere in the e-transfer besides the order#, or the payment may be declined. PAYMENTS THAT WE ARE UNABLE TO MATCH TO ORDERS WILL BE DECLINED. *Email address to send payment to: see receipt for payment email address 4.Type in the specified amount you are sending, along with a personalized message or note (Please also put the current order number in the personalized message or note field). 5. Enter a security question and answer **IMPORTANT** Enter question and answer as follows: Question: Your current 4-6 Digit Order Number or numbers in words if your bank requires (Example: “BL123456”, “Order BL123456” or “BL One Two Three Four Five Six”) Answer: PAYMENT (not case sensitive “PAYMENT” or “payment”) 6. We will deposit your e-transfer as soon as possible and process your order accordingly in the order it was received. Once payment is accepted by us, you will receive notification. After you receive notification of your payment acceptance, please allow time for your order to be fully processed and shipped.

For all orders placed before 10:00pm PST within the Greater Vancouver Area will be delivered on the next day. For orders outside of GVA, we use Canada Post Xpresspost which generally takes 1-5 business days to most locations. On occasion, packages can take longer due to unexpected delays. If this does occur we do NOT compensate for late packages. We cannot control Canada Post delays and cannot be held accountable.

Depending when payment is made and when it’s received by us will factor in to when your order is processed and tracking information provided. For orders outside of the Greater Vancouver Area, once we upload the tracking number (a manual process), a notification email will be sent to you with a link to Canada Post or FedEx. Tracking numbers are generally uploaded between 5-7pm PST, Monday to Friday.

We currently accept the following payment methods: – Interac e-transfer* (Please refer to the payment instructions on your order receipt)

All payments that arrive to our inbox before 10:00pm PST (Pacific Standard Time) will be shipped out on the next day.