Gorilla Zkittlez – One Ounce


THC level: 22% and exceeding.

Strain: 40% Sativa/60% Indica (Indica Dominant).

Reported flavors: Spicy Artisan Chocolate, Herbs, and Fresh flowers.

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Gorilla Zkittlez’s effects boost the user’s creativity while also setting them down into a state of sleepy sedation. You’ll be full of artistic thoughts and ready to work on stuff, but also giggly and sleepy, so we can’t promise you’ll get anything done! These long-lasting improvements to your mood can help you ward off feelings of stress, depression, and anxiety. Those who frequently feel nauseated can settle themselves with a little Gorilla Zkittlez flavor. Those who find they have trouble sleeping even after a long day can give their brains a gorilla-shaped pillow to help things along.

The flavor is enticing, with sweet, fruity notes that transition to the taste of creamy chocolate, earth, herbs, and florals. For users unused to or unfond of skunky hash flavors, Gorilla Zkittlez can ease you into the finer things when it comes to cannabis palettes. It has enough THC (22% on average) to satisfy even experienced users with long-lasting relaxing effects that trail off into sedation, if you let it.


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